YoungDementia UK is a charity that exists for one reason - to help people whose lives are affected by young onset dementia.

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The Health Innovation Network – the Academic Health Science Network for South London - has launched a resource pack...

The University of Stirling's Dementia Services Development Centre is hosting a survey called the Big Ask as part of...



Ask most people within the general population about learning disabilities and the majority will talk about children born with Down’s syndrome or autism. People with no experience of learning disabilities will often assume that the lives of these children will be limited, and that progression into mature adulthood won’t occur.



The O3 Gallery in association with The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) at the University of Oxford, will be launching an exhibition titled 'That Other Place'; exploring Alzheimer’s

On Monday 18 May 2015, the British Institute of Radiology (BIR)  will be holding a full-day event on Imaging in dementia the first of its kind for the BIR at the British Dental Association