The Young Dementia Network aims to bring about change for people affected by young onset dementia.  This page lists some of our achievements and the impact we’ve had.


  • We created leaflets and other materials about young onset dementia for use in GP waiting rooms

  • In collaboration with a person living with young onset, we created the Personal Checklist, to help people with concerns record the symptoms they're experiencing

  • We created ID cards for people living with young onset and their supporters and shared them as part of a pilot project to gain feedback

  • We held our second research event in June

  • We presented at a number of conferences and workshops, including the Alzheimer's Society annual conference in May

  • We created a guidance document for support workers to help them to support people living with young onset 


  • Connected 34 Occupational Therapists within the Network
  •  In May, our decision-making guide for GPs was sent to 12,000 GP surgeries across the UK 
  •  The first Young Dementia Network Research Event was held in June 
  • We connected 30 researchers from within the Young Dementia Network


  • Launched a Memory Service and Diagnostic Clinic Leaflet to inform individuals, newly diagnosed with young onset dementia, of which organisations could offer information and support.  You can download the leaflet here 
  • We reached 1000 Young Dementia Network Members
  • The Young Dementia Network had a symposium slot at the UK Dementia Congress
  • We launched a decision-making guide for GPs to help them recognise the symptoms of dementia in younger people which was endorsed by the Royal College of GPs.  Find out more here
  • Created an online young onset dementia research area, which you can view here


  • Worked with the Memory Service National Accreditation Scheme to make sure their latest standards include the specific needs of younger people with dementia. Click here to read more
  • Created a set of recommendations about how services should meet the needs of younger people and their families.  Read more here.
  • Worked with the Dementia Action Alliance on their upcoming call to action on post-diagnostic support, helping them to include younger people with dementia.
  • Presented at Young Dementia 2016, a conference held in Birmingham on 27 September 2016.
  • Contributed to the Dementia Programme Board which oversees the implementation of the Government’s dementia strategy.  Our Steering Group members who sit on this board ensure that the voices of younger people with dementia and their family members are heard. 

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