Anne's Coffee Morning

Anne hosted her own coffee morning, find out how it went.  

How I did it 

I wanted to hold a coffee morning at my house to raise awareness in my community of YoungDementia UK.  My father was diagnosed with dementia at a young age and I know the challenges faced by those affected by this condition.   

I set up an event on my Facebook page and invited everyone I know locally.  I had a great response and lots of people said they would be bringing their young children so I factored that into my planning. 

On the day I set out a selection of cakes, made a pot of coffee and a pot of tea.  Then I also got out some craft activities for the children.  I downloaded the bunting template from the YoungDementia UK website and printed, cut and threaded the bunting to decorate the kitchen.  I also printed some posters about the charity and a signing in form. 

Rather than charging per slice of cake I decided to ask people for a donation when they came in and everyone signed the gift aid declaration too so the value of their donation was increased by 25%!  A few friends who couldn’t come asked if they could donate anyway and so I sent them a link to the YoungDementia UK website to donate.   

Guests came between 10.30am and 12noon and it was a lovely morning.  We raised over £100 from donations which was fantastic!

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