Coffee & Cake stories

Helen's story - holding a cake sale at a community group

I held a cake sale at the end of a weekly singing group for parents and children and raised over £70. 

My tip would be to think about who you're selling to.  I baked a few nice 'grown up' cakes for the mums to enjoy there and then, but also plenty of fairy cakes and gingerbread men for the children. 

Lots of parents bought cakes to take home so make sure you bring along some cake bags to sell take-aways!

Sandra's story - holding a cake sale at home

I invited some old friends from work around for lunch and raised over £200 by holding a cake sale in my garden.  It was a beautiful summer's day and once the neighbours had popped in too, all the cakes were snapped up. 

My tip would be to think about how you can raise the most money.  I decided to ask for a donation to attend the lunch and cake sale instead of charging per cake, people were very generous.

Tom's story - holding a cake sale at work

I challenged the other teams in my workplace to a fundraising bake off.  Every month a different team held a cake sale with a prize for the team that raised the most at the end of the year.  We raised over £500. 

My tip would be to make sure that you publicise your cake sale.  We put up posters around the building and then on the day of our cake sale I sent emails with pictures of the cakes and the stall cake to tempt my colleagues  up to our floor - it worked!

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