Daily life

I believe we can be disabled, do less and get worse, or enabled to do more and even improve a bit!

- Dr Jennifer Bute, diagnosed at 63 with young onset Alzheimer's disease

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Young onset dementia does not mean you have to stop doing all of the things that you enjoy, or living a full life.  Living life with dementia does mean adapting to the changes as they occur.  

Socialising, exercising, eating a healthy diet and keeping your brain active, are all very beneficial.  Taking the time to look after yourself and build up a support network at the start, can give you reassurance and make your life easier and more enjoyable.  

There is now a wide range of equipment and assistive technology that enables you to make your home environment safer, and maintain your independence.  Using reminders and making adaptions to your home may also help you in this way.  

Dr Jennifer Bute was diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer's disease at 63.  Her husband died shortly after her diagnosis and she now lives alone.  She has written a piece for our website detailing some of the strategies she uses to manage her daily life.  You can read it here.

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