Dementia books for children

The Ally Bally Bee Project
£20 soft cover, £12 e-book
A unique book about dementia for children that can be created online and customised with your family's names, relationships and behavioural traits.  


This is my family
Barbara Chambers & Karen Harborow.  ISBN 978-0648013211, 2017, £10.99
This is a children’s book for kids with a parent with young onset dementia.  Jack is 13 years old.  He lives with his daddy, mummy, sister Amy and dog Sam.  Jack's daddy has dementia. 

The Memory Journeys
Charlie Draper and Caroline Blanchette, 2017, £5.00
The Memory Journeys is a highly engaging story for children aged 6-9 who have a parent with young onset dementia.  It tackles the difficulties faced by both children and parents affected, following the journey of dementia and the changes in behaviours and roles. 

Lovely Old Lion
Julia Jarman.  ISBN 978-1783441181, 2015, £11.38 hardcover, £6.99 paperback
Lenny the lion loves his grandpa, King Lion.  But when King Lion starts to forget things, Lenny begins to worry.  He can’t understand why grandpa keeps getting muddled and doesn’t want to play any more.  Lenny doesn’t know what to do, but with a little help from grandpa’s old friends, perhaps he can find a way to help him remember…  
- Whilst not specifically about young onset dementia, this book is beautifully illustrated and is written in a way that does help to explain dementia to younger children. 

The Forgetful Elephant
Irene MacKay.  £6.00
The story is about a little elephant called Ellie who is going to visit her grandparents.  She is concerned that the last time she saw her grandpa, he could not remember her.  Her mum gently explains why he is forgetting things and after hearing her explanation, Ellie writes a poem and finds ways to help her grandpa to remember her. 
- This book is not written about young onset dementia but is sensitively written and it does help to explain dementia to younger children. 

My book about brains, change and dementia
Lynda Moore, 2018, £10.99
Explains the complex concepts of dementia, such as brain function, disease progression and death to pre-school aged children in a direct and age-appropriate way, as well as exploring children's feelings about these issues. This book caters for children aged 4+ who have a loved one at any stage of dementia.

Travels with my Granny
Juliet Rix, 2018, £10.62
A sensitive introduction to old-age confusion and dementia, through the loving and imaginative relationship between Granny and her grandchild - and their colourful journeys.


The Dementia Diaries
Matthew Synman & Social Innovation Lab Kent.  2016.  £9.99
Brie, Fred, Sarah, and Sam tell you what it's really like to care for a relative who has dementia.  Funny, moving and honest, their illustrated diary entries will completely alter your understanding of dementia.  The book also contains practical tips and activities for young people who have a relative with the condition.

Nanny Can't Remember
Tabatha Throup, 2019.  £7.79
Nanny is going through changes and is having trouble remembering things.  Her grandchildren are learning to be caring and supportive at this challenging time.  The author's mum first showed signs of dementia in her 60s and wrote this book for her children, to help explain dementia to them. 

The Telling children page on our website has links to factsheets and booklets aimed at children that you may also find useful.  

If you can recommend any other books specifically about young onset dementia, please do email us the details so we can add them to our listing.

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