Employment and work

On this page you will find a collection of young onset dementia research studies related to employment and work.  They have been selected by Dr Andrea Mayrhofer, Research Fellow, University of Hertfordshire.  Some of the links we provide are to the abstract only.  For a full paper it may be necessary to subscribe to the site or ot pay a fee.

Title - Young onset dementia: Negotiating future workplace roles and identities 

Summary - 2017 study on the significance of meaningful activity; how can such activities be constructed.  Click here


Title - Sustaining people with dementia or mild cognitive impairment: in employment: a systematic review of the evidence

Summary - 2016 systematic review of the literature concerning young people with dementia who are either in employment or wish to be employed.  8 articles were reviewed which highlighted the need for reasonable adjustments and sheltered employment opportunities to support continued engagement with employment.  Click here


Title - What are the experiences of people with dementia in employment?

Summary - 2016 paper on the rise in retirement age means that number of people developing dementia whilst in employment will rise.  Click here


Title - An exploration of the impact of younger-onset dementia on employment

Summary - 2016 - Post formal employment: little expectation that a person might continue to work in a different capacity perhaps; implication: lack of opportunities.  Click here


Title - Creating a dementia friendly workplace: A practical guide for employers 

Summary - 2015 - The Alzheimer's Society addresses  issues such as 'dementia friendly employers'; creating a dementia friendly working environment; practical tips; supporting the person living with dementia in the workplace (early phase / ongoing support / leaving work). Click here


Title - Evaluation of a workplace engagement project for people with younger onset dementia

Summary - 2015 - Work as therapy.  Participants wore staff uniforms to create a sense of identity and to be identifiable as staff for customers.  Click here


Title - Dementia in the workplace: a review

Summary - 2015 -  'A common finding was that employers appear to lack knowledge to enable them to support people with dementia or cognitive impairment in the workplace.'  Click here


Title -'It's nice to have something to do': early onset dementia and maintaining purposeful activity

Summary - 2014 paper on traumatic secession of work; need for purposeful activity; need for increased education and awareness in the workplace.  Click here


Title - Side by Side: A workplace engagement program for people with younger onset dementia 

Summary - 2013 demonstration project: Seven people with mild dementia work one day per week beside a work-buddy in a large metropolitan hardware store.  Work-buddies are store employees who have undergone dementia training.  Click here


Do you have a young onset dementia research study for inclusion in this collection?  Contact us at - network@youngdementiauk.org 

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