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A diagnosis of dementia at a young age is likely to affect your income and financial commitments considerably. You may give up work earlier than planned which can have a considerable impact if you have significant financial commitments, and dependents to support. 

You may be managing your financial affairs well, but it is always good to be prepared for the future and it is often cheaper, and much easier, to have procedures in place early on.

If you are supporting someone with dementia, you may also find that in time you need to reduce your work hours, or perhaps give up work altogether.

This section offers you information about the financial and legal issues you may face.  There is signposting to websites that give you much more detail than we are able to.  We have also highlighted a range of organisations that can help you.

You may also find the Pathways through Dementia website a useful source of free, accurate legal and financial information.  

Legal company Wright Hassall has produced a useful legal guide for people for people dealing with dementia, click here.

A report commissioned by Royal London published in April 2016 Losing a Partner - The financial & practical consequences, found that only 11% of those interviewed who had lost a partner in the last five year felt both financially and practically prepared.

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