A-Z of fundraising activities

Interested in fundraising but not sure how to do it?

Find inspiration below in our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas!





Get sponsored to abseil down a local landmark or join in a group event and raise funds together. 


Why not get fit by organising an aerobics session?  Get your family and friends involved too; it's great to fundraise together! 

Arts and crafts fair 

Creative?  Why not hold an arts and crafts fair?  Hire pitches to local craftsmen and women and set up activities to do on the day for attendees.


Grab your gavel and start selling.  Auctions (virtual or in real life) are a fun and easy way to raise money for charity. 

Bad Tie day 

Great for offices!  Incentivise the scheme with prizes.  If you don't own a bad tie, just visit a local charity shop – that way you can help two charities! 

Bag packing 

Many supermarkets let fundraisers pack bags for charity and allow you to ask their customers for donations.  Why not pop in and find out if yours will support you? 


Hold a charity BBQ. 

Bike ride 

Get friends, family, and colleagues to sponsor your next ride.  Alternatively, arrange a mass sponsored ride! 

Big Fun Runs 

No times, no pressure, no sweat – just some easy moves and lots of laughs! 

Birthday Fundraiser

Already have everything you need? Use Facebook to set up a Birthday Fundraiser so friends and family can donate in lieu of buying presents and cards. It's super easy!  Visit our Facebook page and click on the Fundraisers tab.

Book Sale 

Too many books and not enough space?  Organise a book sale at your village hall or community centre. 

Bring and buy sale 

Ever popular, the traditional 'bring and buy' sale is a great opportunity to sell any unwanted quality goods and pick up a bargain for yourself.  Food stalls always do well – think cakes, cookies, jams and chutneys!

Cake bake and sale 

Ask your friends, family, or colleagues to bake a cake to sell.  Great for the office, school, church or at home! 

Car boot sale 

If you've got lots of unwanted items, take them along to a car boot sale and donate the proceeds. 

Car wash 

Why not offer to clean cars for a fee, or ask for a donation.  You could charge your teachers, friends, and family to wash their cars, or even ask your local supermarket if you can set up in their car park and offer a car wash to customers. 

Coffee morning 

Coffee, tea, biscuits, and cakes make for a great coffee morning!  Organise one at home or alternatively find a local village or church hall in which to host.  Cake and bric-a-brac stands work well at these types of events. 

Dance Off or Disco

Fan of Strictly Come Dancing?  Harness your inner Bruno Tonioli and dance off for charity!  Or put on those dancing shoes and organise a disco to dance the night away! 

Darts tournament 

Why not hold a darts tournament in your local pub or social club and ask them or a local business to donate a prize for the winner? 

Dinner party 

Get your mates round for a Come Dine With Me evening.  You could ask them to pay what they think the meal is worth and donate the money to charity. 

Dog show 

Get competitive with a 'cutest pet'  contest at work or school. 

Easter egg hunt

Want an idea for school fundraising?  Set up an Easter egg hunt with fun clues for the kids. 

Egg and spoon race & egg painting competition

Don't crack under pressure!  Race your friends and family.  Save any unbroken eggs and get creative with your paints!

Fancy dress or Dress down Friday 

Themed or just casual, this is always popular at school or work.  Onesies, pyjamas, or superheroes are always winners. 

Fashion show 

Put your creative talents to the test and organise a fashion show!  You could charge an entry fee and invite the wider community to see your designs. 

Film night 

Stock up on popcorn and host a film night for friends and family.  Sell snacks and drinks and charge an entry fee or ask for a donation. 

Fun Run 

Whether it’s around the park or something longer, there are plenty of options for every level of fitness.  

Garage sale 

Why not set up a garage sale at home and then invite people to come along and buy?  Don't forget to put out flyers and advertise! 

Golf day 

Go pro at a golf club or get silly at your nearest crazy golf course! 

Go the distance

Seek sponsorship from friends and family to run, cycle or scoot '10K in May' or 'Around the Moon in June'!

Guess the weight…

Sell tickets to guess the weight of a jar of lego, sweets, a cake or anything else that takes your fancy!

Head shave 

Go bald for YoungDementia UK!  We can help with sponsorship forms or you could set up a Virgin Money Giving sponsorship page online.


Share a selfie, donate, then nominate a friend. 

Ice cream sale 

Perfect for summer! 

James Bond Day 

Come to work as your favourite Bond villain or girl or as the man himself. 

Jumble sale 

Get rid of all your unwanted items while raising money for charity. 


Host a karaoke evening at home or at school.  If your local pub is in the mood, they may also support you. 

Knitting competition 

Get crafty.  Whether it’s a scarf, tie, Christmas jumper or silly socks this is bound to be a winner. 

Line dancing 

Grab your partner and dosey doe!  Give a prize for best dance partners (and best cowboy hat!) with this fun family event. 

Litter picking 

Give something back to your local community with a sponsored litter pick afternoon. 

Mile of coins 

Ask for donations in coins and see how long your line of coins is. 

Make the tea  

Be everyone's favourite colleague and make tea all day (in exchange for sponsorship of course!) 

Mini Olympics 

Test those budding Olympians and hold a mini Olympics. Get silly with office Olympics - fastest typist wins. 

Name the teddy 

Why not get a local business to donate a big teddy and hold a 'name the teddy' competition?  Provide a list of names for entrants to choose from and give the teddy as the prize. 

Obstacle course 

Create your own obstacle course and let the mayhem begin. 

Pancake day 

Give prizes for best (and worst) pancakes or hold your own pancake race.  Don't forget to make extras to boost your energy levels afterwards! 

Parachute jump 

Take a leap of faith in return for sponsorship.

Quizzee Rascals 

Organise a quiz night.  Pubs are often happy to assist and may even give you a percentage of their takings as their contribution. 


Hold a raffle and ask for donated prizes from competitors and local businesses.

Raft race 

A great team building activity for the work place.

Scrabble contest 

Challenge your friends to a Scrabble competition.  Competitors pay to play. 


Want a once in a lifetime challenge?  Take a leap of faith in return for sponsorship.

Spelling Bee 

Are you an spectacular speller?  Challenge yourself and friends to correctly spell an agreed quantity of words. 

Talent show 

Everyone's got a talent - get your friends and family showing off their best skills. 

Tea party  

Whether it’s just tea and biscuits or afternoon tea with all the trimmings, this is a winner. 

Ten-pin bowling 

Head to the lanes and challenge your friends, family, or colleagues.  Ask for a fee or donation to enter and give a prize to the winner. 

Three-legged race 

Team up with a friend and challenge others to a three-legged race.  Each team pays to play. 


Get friends and family to donate gifts and organise a tombola.  Only ticket numbers ending in 0 or 5 win a prize! 

Treasure Hunt 

Create a treasure hunt and challenge your friends to find what you have hidden.  Pay to play. 

Uniform free day 

Ditch the uniform for a fee.  Easy fundraising for your school! 

Variety show 

Put on a show and charge entry to watch. 

Vehicle Rally 

Are you into cars or motorcycles?  Why not hold your own rally?  If you are part of a bike or car club why not get them involved too? 

Word search 

Create a themed word search and challenge your friends and family.  Remember to charge a fee. 

Wax Off 

How much would your friends be willing to pay to see this?  Challenge them to join you! 

X-Factor Competition 

Celebrate your talents!  Organise your own talent show and invite friends and family too. 

Yo-yo competition 

Have you got a talent for yo-yoing?  Then put your skill to good use and get sponsored! 

Yoga class 

Get flexible and get fundraising with this stress-busting activity either online or in real life.


Dance and donate with this energetic fundraiser!

Zip Wire 

Get sponsored to take a ride and challenge friends to join you. 


Email fundraising@youngdementiauk.org to register your interest in fundraising and request fundraising materials such as leaflets, collection boxes and balloons!

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