Gail's lockdown story

The lockdown has had an impact on my life.  

I found it very hard the first week coming to terms with not being able to get out mixing with people, even though I was still getting out walking my dog Toby.  I missed the people contact, family, hugs.  I think it was more that my routine had to complete change.  So what I decided to do was to write things down I needed to do, a things to do list which was giving me a bit of a routine back.

Then hubby suggested a hobby or an interest, we had lots of  tree stumps and logs we had collected and I had always wanted a fairy house, so hubby suggested why don’t I make one.  He would cut the log to size for me and I would do the rest.  I have really enjoyed this new hobby using my imagination, also possibly going back to my childhood of loving the fairy tail stories as a little girl.

I have also met lots of new people by learning to use Zoom which is a video conferencing system.  This wasn’t easy at first, I had a few stressful moments, tantrums even, but got there in the end.  So there are positives that have come from the lockdown and not all negative.

I do worry about more long-term effects as I may forget how to do things if I am not doing them all the time.  Also my words when talking disappear because I don’t have as much interaction with people which does worry me slightly.  I can type better than I can explain or talk, but you have to hold on to everything positive.

- Gail Gregory is 55 years old and was diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer's disease in February 2019.  She writes a regular blog Too Young For Dementia? about her life and experiences.  You can follow her on Twitter @GailGre59728262

April 2020

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