Gwyneth's story

Photo of Gwyneth, holding a bouquet of flowers

Gwyneth is one of our Community Fundraising Volunteers.  She become aware of our work when one of her friends was diagnosed with young onset dementia.

 Over the years, Gwyneth has supported us in lots of different ways.  Together with her husband, she hosts the YoungDementia UK annual Founders garden party, helped to organise and host a local Christmas Icing and Flower workshop and organises a yearly coffee morning with raffle and stall holders.  Each year she has increased the funds raised with the last one raising £3000!

 So how does she plan her coffee morning?

Gwyneth tells all her friends and contacts at local groups including golf courses, WI’s and bridge clubs when she is hosting the coffee morning.  She writes to local businesses to secure raffle prizes and invites small businesses to have a stall.  Stalls have included handbags, jewellery, organic beauty products and craft items.  On the day, guests are invited to make a donation for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.  They can then browse the stalls, stroll around the gardens and chat with friends, making it a lovely morning out.

 Why not consider organising your own coffee morning and invite your friends, family and neighbours to come along.  Or instead of going out to a restaurant with friends, why not host your very own ‘Come Dine with Me for YoungDementia UK'?  Simply invite friends over for dinner and ask them to make a donation!

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