I have young onset dementia

We can still think, the only difference is, we need a bit of time to get the words out, the words are in there, so please have patience with us.  There is so much to tell.

- Tom, diagnosed at 58 with young onset Alzheimer's

Young onset dementia affects everyone differently.  Your experience of the condition will be unique to you but there will be many feelings, issues and challenges you will have that will be similar for other people.

You might not know anyone else who has young onset dementia.  There are known to be more than 42,000 people to have the condition in the UK.  Support and services tailored to people of your age can be hard to find across the UK.  That is why we are here.  Our website has a range of information to help you and your family and friends, from practical advice to inspiring personal stories.   

Drawing from our experience of supporting people with young onset dementia, we have gathered together some comments about what living with young onset dementia may mean.  You can read it here.

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