Improving services

Using the collective voice of those affected by the condition to drive a step change in young onset services, information and resources

Our activity and achievements over the last year…

We continue to lead and support the Young Dementia Network, a collaboration between individuals and organisations which aims to influence policy and encourage better young onset services across the UK. Over 2400 people have joined the Network so far. 

The Network produced a decision-making guide for GPs which was sent to 12,000 GP surgeries across the UK.  It aims to help GPs identify ‘red flags’ which suggest referral to specialist diagnostic clinics may be required.

The first Young Dementia Network Research Event was held in June 2018 and a second event took place in 2019.  We also connected 30 researchers and 34 Occupational Therapists from within the Young Dementia Network.

The Department of Health’s Dementia Programme Board for England has agreed, for the first time, to include specific consideration of young onset dementia in their planning of services.  This work is being led by the Young Dementia Network.

In association with the Journal of Dementia Care, we held our biennial conference attended by over 200 people in September 2018 called, Achieving improvements in young onset dementia support: positive, personal and practical initiatives and solutions.  For the first time, we offered a Creative Space to celebrate the achievements of people with young onset dementia.  We are in the early stages of planning another conference which will take place in September 2020.

We gave young onset dementia specific advice or support to professionals in 16 areas of the UK.

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