Influencing others

The consultation event was very successful.  It countered the portrayal of people with dementia elsewhere which is often awful.  We like doing purposeful things.  This consultation gave us a beginning point as a group to have a voice.  We may feel able to become more pro-active as we gain confidence.

- Larry, YoungDementia UK PACE group member

We actively work with others to share our knowledge, improve public and professional understanding of the impact of young onset dementia and the support needed.  In particular we see enabling people whose lives are affected by young onset dementia to have more powerful influence as a natural part of our support work.

Enabling younger people to have a voice nationally

The Young Dementia Network which we have initiated offers lots of opportunities to improve understanding of young onset dementia and achieve better support and information. And we seek connections with other networks, individuals and organisations to ensure a young onset perspective in strategies, policies and other activity that affects every day life.

We are national members of the Dementia Action Alliance.  The DAA aims to deliver the National Dementia Declaration; a common set of seven outcomes informed by people with dementia and their families.  The Declaration provides an ambitious and achievable vision of how people with dementia and their families can be supported by society to live well with the condition.

For more details on the DAA and the National Dementia Declaration, click here.

Influencing health and social policy in Oxfordshire

We work closely with Oxfordshire’s health and social services to ensure younger people and their families feel well-supported throughout their unique experience of dementia. 

Our strong relationship with the County Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group has meant that young onset dementia is specifically included in the county’s health and social care plan.

YoungDementia UK’s Oxfordshire members play a role in educating local health and social care staff about the impact of young onset dementia and what helps them live life to the full.

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