Information leaflet for Memory Clinics & Diagnostic services

The Young Dementia Network has developed a leaflet to inform newly diagnosed people of the organisations who may be able to offer support and information. 

The leaflet is designed to be given at the point of diagnosis, so we are encouraging Memory Clinics and Diagnostic services to utilise it. 

You can view and download the leaflet here.
Alternatively, we can post you copies of the leaflet.  To request copies please click here.

​About the information leaflet 

We are always asking our Network members to tell us what they feel needs to be changed, developed or improved to enable positive change for people affected by young onset dementia.  A survey set up when the Network started in late 2016 captured that 77% of people wanted to influence post-diagnostic information. 

We also listened to Network members who fed back that at the point of their diagnosis, they were not offered any information so did not know who to contact for support and advice. 

To meet this need, the Young Dementia Network collaborated with people diagnosed with young onset dementia, their family members and professionals who work within the field to create the leaflet.  

To let us know what you think of the leaflet please e mail or fill in the short survey here.

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