Keith Oliver

Keith Oliver, Living with young onset dementia, Alzheimer's Society Ambassador, Kent & Medway PT NHS Dementia Service User Envoy  & member of 3 Nations Dementia Working Group

Keith lives in Canterbury.  Married.  Former primary school teacher and head teacher. 
On New Year’s Eve 2010 aged 55, Keith’s life changed dramatically when a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease was confirmed.  After coming to terms with the diagnosis he was determined to fill the vacuum created in his life.  He uses his energy, drive and remaining skills towards public awareness around dementia.  He's an Alzheimer's Ambassador and KMPT Dementia Envoy.  He presented at various conferences and is a founder member of the National Young Onset Dementia Network, part of which was his involvement in developing a guide on Young Onset for use by GPs.  Keith recognises the crucial importance of supporting younger people affected by dementia through diagnosis and beyond with the provision of appropriate support.

Keith is a member of the Young Dementia Network Understanding and Awareness workstream


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