Keith's lockdown story

Having young onset dementia in these crazy, difficult days brings its own challenges but also opportunities to us.  As long as we stay physically well we often have lots of energy which needs channeling, and I am reminded of the need to care for our hearts, minds and bodies at this time.

Having a routine and then trying to stick to it; doing some exercise for the body, mind and soul by way of gardening, walking, puzzles, a hobby or whilst remaining physically distanced but socially connected the conversations with family and friends using new found technologies can help enormously.  Taking time to do those chores and sorting jobs that we put off due to being too busy is so rewarding and energising.

But might I add that like many the lockdown means my wife and I both have ups and downs mentally and emotionally - overall more ups than downs but last few days have been the hardest yet.  We previously just had four good then one bad; the last three or four days have been quite hard BUT we have still had some good times within them which one holds on to.

So, finally remember that it is okay to feel down and not to be too hard on oneself - use the quiet times to refill the 'reservoir'.

Stay well and take care.

- Keith Oliver is a member of the Young Dementia Network steering group.  He is also an Alzheimer's Society ambassador and author of Dear Alzheimer's - A Diary of Living with Dementia

April 2020

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