Later stages of dementia

Each person with dementia experiences the condition in their own individual way, but during the later stages most people will become increasingly frail and dependent on others due to the progression of the illness. This can be a very upsetting time for family and friends but knowing what to expect can help everyone to prepare.  

It is useful if you consider at an early stage the kind of treatment and care you might want in the future.  This allows you to write an informed advance decision before reaching the later stages and have input into how you will be cared for.  It also allows your family members to think about and prepare for these aspects too.

The Alzheimer's Society has produced a very detailed factsheet titled 'The later stages of dementia' that you may find useful.

Amanda's story is personal and very moving.  It was written when her husband Frankie was in the later stages of young onset vascular dementia.

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