A member of my family has young onset dementia

My motto is - do everything we can - this is still our life together and precious memories can still be made. 

- Elaine, whose husband Steve has frontotemporal dementia

A diagnosis of young onset dementia will impact on the whole family.  Whether it is your partner, parent, child, sibling or a friend who is affected, you will need time to adjust to the new direction your lives have taken.

You might not know anyone else who has been diagnosed with young onset dementia.  There are known to be more than 42,000 people living with the condition in the UK.  

Our website has a range of information to help you and the person you are supporting, from practical advice to inspiring personal stories.  We hope it helps you whether you live close by, or are supporting them at a distance. 

If you feel there are other areas we should cover in our website, please let us know, we welcome any feedback and insights you can offer via email.

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