Mick's lockdown poems

Mick and his wife Angie live in Oxfordshire.  They are both in their early 60s. 

Angie is living with young onset semantic dementia. She is a fun-loving person who loves music and dancing.

Mick likes to write poetry to help occupy his time and as an outlet for his feelings.  Whilst in lockdown, he has written two poems, one from his perspective and one from Angie’s.  

                     **  **   **  **  **  **  **

My wife has dementia and things will never be the same.
But we try to do things together, it's what still keeps us sane.
We go out for daily coffees and sometimes have a snack.
When we eventually get home she goes and bed and has a nap.

Dementia is invisible and nobody can see.
But what we do together always sets us free.
We’ve done singing and dancing, jogging around the floor
and when the music is played she is always wanting more.

We like to go on holidays whilst we still can
and luckily for us never been in a traffic jam.
She doesn't always remember the places we have been.
But I will always remember they weren't just a dream.

It's important making memories and to have a little chat
and I can always say to her now...it was us that just did that.

                     **  **   **  **  **  **  **

I've been diagnosed with dementia its changed my life for me.
The type I have is semantic which doesn’t mean much to me.
I can't remember the things I always used to know.
But looking at me nobody would know
because I gave a hidden disability.

Covid-19 came into our lives...it’s very bad I know.
But having dementia, where am I allowed to go?
I'm still the same person that needs company and chats.
Luckily for me YoungDementia UK allow us to do just that.

We've been having virtual meetings
and connecting using Zoom.
The good thing about that is you do it from your front room.
I'm happy I see others but don’t know all their names.
But know most of them are happy because like me they're just the same.

- Mick Way, April 2020

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