A message from YoungDementia UK

In normal times we would be sharing our fundraising newsletter with you this month. But these are not normal times. The coronavirus pandemic has created such a challenging situation for us all. So firstly, we hope that you, your family and friends stay safe over the coming months and that you are each able to find the support and care you need.

At YoungDementia UK we are doing everything we can to help. We have already moved our groups online and we are offering increased support through our Young Onset Dementia Advisors via email, phone and digital channels. Our small staff team were already set up for remote working as it keeps our costs low. This means we are better placed to cope with that change.

Living with young onset dementia is hard at the best of times. Our work aims to break the isolation that many people feel and help them adapt and live life. We are determined to continue to be there for our members, their families and other partners. And we will do our utmost to find ways to increase the support that people affected by young onset dementia need in our new world of social isolation.

Finally, we know that for many this is a very difficult time financially. We also know that there are others who want to help. We do still need your support, if that is possible. You will enable us to help people who are exceptionally vulnerable at this time. We would be very grateful.

Thank you and take care

Tessa Gutteridge, Director 

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