New dementia-based radio show

Presenter Pete Hill thinks his new show The ‘D’ Word is the UK’s only weekly internet radio show that has dementia as its focus.

After two years working for the Alzheimer’s Society, Pete decided to put his experience of dementia together with his lifelong love of radio and the idea for a new radio show was born.  He found a radio station willing to take it on - UK Health Radio.  Pete says, 'I’d done a little bit of work for them before and when I sent a demo to CEO Johann Ilgenfritz he immediately asked me if I could do a show every week.'

The programme looks at a different aspect of dementia every episode and guests have included Alzheimer’s Society CEO Jeremy Hughes and author Kevin Quaid.  Pete is always looking for interesting angles; 'I’ve already met some amazing people and been introduced to areas I’d never even thought about, for instance I had no idea there were dementia dogs out there or there would be students doing studies on dementia-friendly air travel.'

The long-term aim of the show is for Pete to take a backseat as people living with dementia and their family members / carers take over presenting the programme.  Pete says, 'I have some ideas but I don’t have the day to day involvement of someone living with dementia or the thousands of carers out there its much more important that they set the agenda of what they want to hear on the radio.' 

You can listen to every episode of The ‘D’ Word here or if you are interested in taking part, or just want to find out more about the show, you can e-mail Pete at

The show also has its own Twitter feed @Radiotdw and the Radiotdw Facebook page.

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