New Young Dementia Oxfordshire Community Group launched on Facebook

At the end of May 2020, YoungDementia UK launched a private Facebook group - the Young Dementia Oxfordshire Community Group - exclusively for people who have a connection to the Oxfordshire area.

Administrated by our Young Onset Dementia Advisors, the group can be used to seek advice and information from others, to share personal stories and experience, to converse with others in similar situations and to post useful and interesting things that may be helpful.  Members of the YoungDementia UK team will post regularly about our groups and other news we think will be of interest.

Posts can only be seen by other group members; they do not show up on your Facebook timeline or be visible to anyone outside the group.

To join you must either live in the Oxfordshire area and have a diagnosis, live in the Oxfordshire area and support someone with a diagnosis, or live elsewhere but support someone in the Oxfordshire area who has a diagnosis.  This current connection to Oxfordshire is a requirement of membership.

If you would like to join our welcoming, inclusive and supportive community group, click link.

- July 2020

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