The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes gets off to a great start!

On Wednesday 12 June, Channel 4 showed the first episode of The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes, a ground-breaking new four-part series featuring 14 people aged 23-67 who are affected by young onset dementia. 

The uplifting and inspiring series is the brainchild of CPL Productions and looks at how people with dementia might be able to benefit from staying in work.  The programme participants worked as chefs and front-of-house staff in a special pop-up restaurant in Bristol for five weeks.

Four of the participants have shared their experiences and hopes for the programme with
YoungDementia UK.  'It gave me a real sense of purpose and so many opportunities but mainly I just had a really great time.' says Peter Berry, who is 55 years of age.  'They say you only live once but I say you only die once.  You live every single day and taking part in this project was just another fantastic opportunity for me.

‘I always say that life isn’t over with dementia, it’s just a little different.  And working in a restaurant like this just goes to show we aren’t on the scrap heap just yet but really have something to offer to employers if only they would work with our differences.’

We couldn't agree with Peter more.  You can read his story in full, along with the stories of three others who took part in the series in this section of our website.  

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