Personal checklist and ID card

We would really appreciate your feedback on draft versions of two new resources that we hope to launch soon. 

Personal checklist - this will be a downloadable resource and is for anyone who has concerns about young onset dementia.  It is a checklist which individuals can use to record symptoms they may be experiencing and then, if necessary, use it to aid a discussion with their GP.

Young onset dementia ID card - these cards have been designed so that people living with young onset dementia and their family members / friends can discreetly explain to someone that they may require support / help. These cards will be piloted in a few areas over the next few months before being made available nationally. 

Please email to share your views on the resources.  They are currently in draft format.  We'd really appreciate your thoughts and feedback on things like whether you'd use them, the content, the colours and font size so we can improve the final versions. 

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