Peter Watson

Peter Watson - Family member, Dementia Action Alliance board member, Trustee Younger People With Dementia Berkshire CIC, Dept of Health Dementia Programme Board​

Peters wife was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2006 aged 59.  He gave up work to look after her.  At the time, she was being treated for depression which was having no effect.  This meant her dementia was advanced before the diagnosis, which was further delayed by lack of response by the Memory Service. 

The whole experience, and that of 24-hour care, led him to get involved with campaigning for better services for younger people with dementia and carers.  He helped set up YPWD in Berkshire, represented carers at conferences and events for Dementia UK, and joined the board of the DAA.  He is on the Carers Advisory Panel for RSAS, who are setting up a centre of excellence for carers, and sits on the Dementia Programme Board advising Government on the implementation of dementia policy. 

Peter is a member of our understanding and awareness workstream. 

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