Rachel Niblock

This March, Rachel has decided to jump over 10,000ft out of a plane in a challenge of a life time to support YoungDementia UK.  Below Rachel talks to us about her challenge.  

I have no idea why I thought it might be a good idea to jump out of a plane.  

The last time I raised money for YoungDementia UK was a gentle stroll through bluebell woods with the sun shining and an energetic dog to keep me company – think I thought, 'cor that was easy and lovely!’  I was very humbled by the generosity of friends, colleagues and family who kindly gave up some of their hard earned cash. 

The danger of having a very chilled lunch with a very good friend who works for YoungDementia UK is that maybe you really, really feel you could just do this one more thing.  Don’t get me wrong she did not talk me in to it or threaten to blackmail me or anything like that... I just said I would...

So the reason I am doing it is because… every day I am working with people who have a diagnosis of dementia.  Fantastic, inspiring, life-affirming individuals who so generously,  wisely and wonderfully give of themselves to make a better world for others. I play a really,  really small part in my role in their lives as DEEP and Dementia Diaries Coordinator.  YoungDementia UK offers a world of possibilities in a refreshingly rare without ego or corporate type agenda.  I have worked with members of the YoungDementia UK family over a few years now and I guess without conscious thinking I just wanted to do something big for them...

My son, of course, just thinks I am extending my mid-life crisis.  As somebody with a fear of heights, hate being out of control and who refuses to even think about it until the night before, or even morning of the day,  I just might agree with him!

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