Rare Dementia Support's story

Rare Dementia Support has gone completely virtual since lockdown.  The direct support team support has doubled with more people contacting the support team for advice which has been delivered by telephone or online. 

All large support groups for subtype dementias have been transferred to online webinars, these have attracted 100 people per time.  We have increased the Bereaved Carers meetings through demand of the additional isolation felt by the lockdown. We have also introduced small focussed topic discussion groups which have been very popular. 

Supporting those who don’t use digital communications has proved problematic for us due to working from home and workload capacity, however we have increased telephone support for 1:1 support.  Virtual support will continue and adapt to meet future needs.

In response to COVID-19 we have increased support groups online which has made them accessible for people who could not normally attend due to geographical distances.  This will be a new option going forward.  COVID-19 resources are available on our website and emergency hospital admission kits too; along with videos, strategies and online resources.

- Nikki Zimmerman, Direct Support Services Lead, Rare Dementia Support

- July 2020

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