Roger's story

Photo of Roger with his arm round his wife Isobel

Even with excellent YoungDementia UK One to One support mini-breaks, I got very isolated during the years of looking after a wife whose Alzheimer’s just kept on getting worse, so that I could never risk leaving her on her own in the house.  

That’s why I really enjoyed Walk & Talks when they were introduced in 2011.  For the first time in years I could talk freely to other people in a similar situation, who would understand what I was going through.  I had conversation,  with some humour.  And we were all out together in the countryside, not trapped in our houses. 

A few years on, Isobel is in a care home and though I take her out on two mornings a week, I now have the time to organise these Walk & Talks.  I enjoy country walking, so I’m doing something that I know will help other people who are experiencing what I’ve been through.

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