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Young Dementia Network publications / resources

The Young Dementia Network has created a number of useful resources including a personal checklist for members of the public concerned about signs and symptoms of young onset dementia, leaflets for doctors surgeries and memory clinics and a young onset guide for GPs  To view the Young Dementia Network's resources, publications and newsletters, click here

Publications and resources created by others 

A guide to managing a new diagnosis
Relates specifically to FTD but much of the advice and information is relevant to other young onset dementias.

A Helping Hand
A poem of support.

Approaching an unthinkable future - Understanding the support needs of people living with young onset dementia 
A resource based on the experiences of people living with young onset dementia contacted by Dementia Pathfinders during a social care workforce training project in 2014 and 2015

Driving with Dementia - My Experiences
Dr James McKillop shares his personal experience of giving up driving due to a dementia diagnosis. 

Frontotemporal dementia (FTD): Understanding your diagnosis
Publication written by the Alzheimer's Society.

Garry's dream
Garry was diagnosed with young onset dementia aged 47.  With his wife Mandy, they set up the Lovell Foundation.  Their dream is to create a residential care facility for younger adults with advanced dementia in Victoria, Australia.  

Losing a Partner - The financial & practical consequences
The report, commissioned by Royal London, is based on a survey of 500 people whose partner died in the past five years and found that only 11% of those who has lost a partner felt both financially and practically prepared.

Making an Impact Together
Making an Impact Together is a guide written by and with several groups which are members of the DEEP network.  The aim of the guide is to help other people with dementia in influencing and activism groups.

Our Dememtia Our Rights 
A guide which aims to highlight as simply as possible the importance of human and civil rights in ensuring support, inclusion and dignity for people with dementia.

Psychological dimensions of dementia: Putting the person at the centre of care
The report wass put together by the British Psychological Society Dementia Advisory Group.  It presents a psychological perspective on the nature and experience of dementia, outlines the extensive contributions that psychologists have made in this field, and issues a number of recommendations on how to improve understanding and care for those experiencing dementia and their families.

Supporting and accommodating people with dementia at professional conferences and other events
A Dementia Alliance International publication written using feedback from people with dementia and family care partners since 2012.

Supporting employees who are caring for someone with dementia
A publication produced by Carers UK and Employers for Carers.

A guide: Supporting people with dementia in a care home
A guide written by a professional carer in conjuction with a person with young onset dementia detailing how best to support someone with dementia living in a care home. 

The milk's in the oven
A booklet about dementia for children and young people.

Understanding the genetics of FTD
A booklet created by the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (USA).

What about the kids? Frontotemporal degeneration: Information for parents with young children and teens 
A booklet created by the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (USA).

What is young onset dementia?
Very informative factsheet created byt the Alzheimer's Society.

Young-onset dementia - Understanding your diagnosis
An Alzheimer's Society publication, published in February 2017.

Younger onset dementia - a practical guide
Produced by Alzheimer's Australia.

Younger people with dementia - living well with your diagnosis
Produced jointly by NHS Health Scotland and Alzheimer Scotland. 

12 top tips in working with people with dementia 
If you can recommend any other booklets or poems specifically about young onset dementia, please do email us the details so we can add them to our listing.

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