Volunteer for us

I absolutely love coming to the Supper Club.  I’ve learnt how important family and friends are when you have dementia.  I love being able to witness the fun and laughter of the evening.  Being able to contribute to this is what I find so rewarding about volunteering at the Supper Club.

- Esme, 16

Photo of a group of volunteers at our monthly Cafe

Nationally, our volunteer researcher is gathering information on young onset dementia services and support across the UK for us to share with you.

In Oxfordshire volunteers are a valuable part of our work.  They help us to run our Supper Club each month and organise our Walk & Talks.  

Raise money

Fundraising is a great way of supporting us in your spare time.  We can support you if you want to organise an event in your local community.  You will find lots of useful things you need to get started in our fundraising toolkit.

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