Young Dementia Network webinars

We are running a monthly series of FREE young onset dementia webinars.  You can catch up on past webinars and sign up for future ones via the links below.

Wednesday 19 May 2021 - Intensi-tea - stress and distress in dementia - sign up to the webinar here

Wednesday 21 April 2021 - Rari-tea - explaining rarer types of dementia experienced by younger people - sign up to the webinar here

March 2021 - Continui-tea and Stabili-tea - watch the webinar here

February 2021 - Generosi-tea - the power of peer support - watch the webinar here

January 2021 - Research Priori-teas - Why should I get involved? - watch the webinar here

December 2020 - Festivi-tea - Hints and tips for the festive season - watch the webinar here

November 2020 - Sensitivi-tea - What matters most during diagnosis - watch the webinar here

October 2020 - Adaptabili-tea - Adapting to life after a diagnosis - watch the webinar here

The webinars aim to bring together Network members, people living with young onset dementia, family members, professionals working in the field and all those interested in young onset dementia to create an opportunity to connect, support and inform each other.

We will be adding to the programme soon, so please check back for more information or sign up to receive our newsletters here

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