Young Dementia Network resources

In this section you will find information about, and links to, resources that have been created by the Young Dementia Network.  You will find also quick links below. 

If you would like any of our leaflets or resources in hard copy format please click here.

Leaflets about the Young Dementia Network

Young Dementia Network joining leaflet

Resources created by the Young Dementia Network

Decision-Making Guide for GPs

Personal checklist - for people with concerns about young onset dementia 

Information leaflet for memory clinics and diagnostic services

Young onset dementia care pathway

Young onset dementia guidance for dementia advisors 

Young onset dementia ID cards

The Angela Project - Good Practice in Young Onset Dementia 

Young Dementia Network News

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YoungDementia UK resources

The YoungDementia UK website has a comprehensive resources section which includes young onset dementia related books, blogs, films and publlications, click here

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