Young onset dementia research

Research studies can be confusing.  Finding the correct information and then digesting it can be a challenge.  We want to help make research studies as useful as possible to people affected by young onset dementia, professionals, members of the public and researchers by bringing together relevant studies in one accessible place. 

This collection of research was gathered by members of the Young Dementia Network Steering Group and other experienced researchers.  They have chosen key topics that are the most prominent subjects relating to young onset dementia. They have grouped recent, good quality, research studies under these subject headings.

Please note that research papers usually start with an abstract that gives a summary of the study.  This is followed by a longer and much more detailed report.  Many of the links we provide are to the abstract only.  For a full paper it may be necessary to subscribe to the site or to pay a fee.

People affected by young onset dementia have been a part of this collaborative process, and will continue to be, as this section of our website develops.    

Do you have a young onset dementia research study for inclusion in this collection?  Contact us

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